8 - Igreja de S. Roque S. Roque Church
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Church of São Roque

Constructed by the Jesuits in the XVI century, it went to Misericórdia zone in Lisbon, in 1762, after the extinction of Companhia de Jesus. It is integrated in a vast architectonic complex, to which belong the old houses of the company. It is one of the most notable temples of the city.

At the request of D. João III, the Jesuits came to Portugal, in the ambit of the Counter-Reformation, and they had been installed in S. Roque. With their coming, the construction of this church started (in 1566). This fact contributed to the rehabilitation of the zone.

The prestige of this religious order attracted the members of the nobility, who started constructing their palaces in S. Roque zone.

The prosperity linked to the gold exploration in Brazil, in the kingdom of D. João V, was reflected in the Baroque decoration of the


interior of S. Roque church: with a simple rectangular plant, with lateral chapels and its high altar in a little deep chapel. All its orientation is done in function to the high altar and to the pulpit, without a way of dispersion.

The actual classicist façade, is not too relevant and results of the restoring made after the earthquake. The great spatial and decorative richness is seen in the interior that is articulated of diverse artistic manifestations. The formal and chromatic exuberance of plastic and decorative arts transforms the architectonic space, giving us the illusion of a new ambience. The lateral chapels and the high altar, are riveted with worked gold. The insertion of decorative glazed tiles and painting with iconographies related to historic figures and linked to Companhia de Jesus, and the painting in the roof, make this interior a wonderful example of the arts unity.

It is a group of great exoticism by the utilization of rare materials. All this materials were produced in Italy too, and the group came directly to Lisbon, to be mounted in Jesuits church. The rectangular sacristy own a valorous group of painting and furniture, attributed to famous artists.

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