6 - Jardim do Principe Real Royal Prince's Garden
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It was in 1859 that had been inaugurated the Jardim do Príncipe Real, in homage to the first-born son of Queen D. Maria II.

The like of gardening the city of Lisbon, appears in the half of the XIX cent, and Principe Real is an example of that, taking advantage of a good central place, beautifying one of the most illustrious aristocratic zones of that époque, with many palaces, where lived the bourgeoisie in the Romanticism époque.

This part of the garden had been occupied under the construction of a projected palace of Conde de Tarouca, before the earthquake. After 1755, the Basílica Patriarcal, which burned in flames, were installed there, and after were the time of the Erário Régio. The earth glide of the square, had been made in 1849 and the works of the garden started 20 years after that.

The garden had in the middle a big tank that links its decorative function to a utilitarian role, because it serves as an airing to the

waters reservoir, which is in the square's subsoil. It as also a monument in homage to França Borges, the founder of the newspaper "O Mundo".

The North top of Bairro Alto, near Principe Real, was early designated as Alto dos Moinhos and Sítio dos Moinhos de Vento. Beyond a wonderful esplanade, in Príncipe Real, we can visit one of the most beautiful musées in Lisbon: The Water musée.


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