5 - Imprensa Nacional National Press
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In a corner of Rua da Escola Politécnica, we can find the National Press Building, the most important topographic establishment in Portugal. This was the house of Quinta do Pombal, which already existed in the XVI century, in possession of the Soares da Cotovia's family. In this building had been installed, in 1638, the infant D. Duarte, brother of D. João IV and had being, in 1589 the General Headquarter to Prior do Crato's troops.

In 1768, had been founded the Régia Oficina Tipográfica, after called as Impressão Régia. In the beginning of the XIX century it started to be called as Impressão Nacional, being incorporated on its the Arco do Cego's literary house (king D. José, Pombal, Camões, João de Barros, Bluteau, Albuquerque, António Caetano de sousa and Pe. António Vieira)

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