Chiado had its origin in a medieval zone situated in the interior of the walls. It is a local frequented by the modernist intellectuals that propagated their ideas, chocking the Public Opinion with their attitudes and today it is named as The Art of Lisbon City. Framed in a cosmopolitan Lisbon, with a strong intellectual, liberal, modern and romanticist component, Chiado is, without a doubt, an obligatory visit to the tourists.
It’s a well-managed space, with streets only for foot travelers, traditional commerce, coffee houses, restaurants and theatres.

Architectonic aspects:
Archeological vestiges of Cerca Fernandina, constructed from 1373 to 1375, persist in the occidental side upon Rua do Alecrim, in the center of Chiado. It is a fragment of the wall that linked Portas de Santa Catarina to the river.

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